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This Guide is intended to support organizations involved in the process of creation and use BIM models for building projects, and focuses primarily on adaptation the best practices for efficient application of Revit®, AutoCAD® Civil 3D® and Navisworks®. However, this Guide does not restrict the use of any other software tools.

The provisions of this Guide are indicative only and may be freely used as a template for development corporate guides.

The guide does not regulate the specifics of the development, workflows and requirements related to the composition and structure of the information model for specific design disciplines. It provides guidance and approaches for the development of documents on information modeling standardization.

This document represents the second revision of the guide. It will be further developed and expanded depending on its practical application experience.

The objectives of this Guide are:

To accumulate the best world practices in the area of BIM standardization and adapt this knowledge to maximum extent for practical use in the Russian Federation.

To maximize production efficiency through adopting a coordinated and consistent approach to working in BIM.

To define the standards, settings and best practices that ensure delivery of high quality data and uniform drawing output across an entire project.

To ensure that digital BIM files and folders are structured correctly to enable efficient data sharing whilst working in a collaborative environment.

The guide features the information modeling technologies application to the following BIM uses:

Development, coordination, approval and release of design documentation on the basis of BIM models.

Interdisciplinary coordination of spatial solutions and identification of conflicts by composing the aggregated models.

Rational and visual inspection of the BIM-based design decisions.

It is expected that this Guide will be used by experts with the requisite experience and qualifications.

All the advice outlined in this document is for information only. The authors and contributing companies take no responsibility for the utilization of these procedures and guidelines. Their suitability should be considered carefully before embarking upon any integration into your current working practices.
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