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Cow split leather welding Hood Helmet with auto darkening lens for Splash Proof And Heat Resistant
Information in details:
Item No: 1163
Material: cowhide split leather
Color: yellow
Stitched with fire resistant line
Size: 31x39cm
Battery Included: No.
Battery Required: No.
Stitched with fire resistant line, it is more safe and durable.
Made of heavy duty cowhide split leather, it is good for heat resistant and splash proof. . Velcro tape to adjust size, it is fit almost head.
Adopted cowhide split leather to prevent splash, high temperature when you are in welding or other splash places.
Avoid water: leather tissue will swell with water, soft , resulting in deformation of apron
Avoid roast: when apron is wet, should be placed in ventilated and dry place.
Avoid pollution: If it is dirty, please wipe dust off with a cloth then painted oilWelding Mask Welding Cap manufacturers